In the past several years since I began writing and publishing books, countless changes have taken place – both personally and on a global basis.

  1. There was a pandemic of COVID 19, the first official pandemic in decades. There have also been recent whispers of a second, newer and wholly different monkeypox pandemic. (In case you didn’t know.)
  2. Political turmoil brought violent upheavals to places historically peaceful, including the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.
  3. A group of people invaded the US Capitol. Whether they’re patriots, idiots, misguided souls, or open treasonists depends on which news channel you listen to.
  4. The US government admitted it knows about UFOs and has for a while, has tracked them, and doesn’t have a clue who or what they are. They aren’t ruling out extraterrestrial origins, though.
  5. The SCOTUS overturned Roe vs. Wade, paving the way for criminal prosecution of women who seek abortions and of medical personnel involved in a procedure – or in some cases, even discuss it in their office.
  6. I changed my pen name… Sort of. Earth-shattering news, there, eh?

When I began writing in earnest a few years ago, I planned to use the same name I’d used when I was on the air in broadcasting. I registered the domain name and set about writing my first (and irredeemably bad) book under that name. However, my long stint in broadcasting, while playing a pivotal role in my life, had left a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth. By the time I’d polished my craft as an author and changed writing directions, I was ready to change from the name I’d used professionally in broadcasting to the one I used in life. For the books I’ve written on relationships, crystals, and personality types: it’s really me. Therefore I saw no reason to hide behind pseudonyms.

Life kept me busy and I never got around to registering the domain with my actual name. I hung onto the old one and posted to it. (Coincindentally, it had once been the name of a porn star! In case you’re wondering, it was also an iteration of my real name, though a more futzy version.)

There were some more recent, additional changes to my writing career and I got a kick in the posterior (so to speak) reminding me to get the job done. I needed to register my name and rebuild my website, an easy job for a dedicated geek. It simply required getting aforementioned posterior in gear and doing it.

And here we are today.